Why Giza Systems?

Why Giza Systems?

As the premier systems integrator in Egypt and the Middle East, Giza Systems offers those focused on a career in IT and engineering the very best opportunities. We have worked on a diverse and complex number of projects that no one has ventured into across the whole of the Middle East. Businesses, Telecom Operators and individuals turn to us for technical consultancy, particularly in these tough times, knowing they will get the best there is.

If you join Giza Systems, you’ll work alongside outstanding people, tackle a vast range of challenging projects, test yourself to the limit and benefit from exceptional support. As a result, your career at Giza Systems will be well rounded and enriching.

Yes, it will be hard work. Our work demands an impressive blend of intellect and skills plus the ability to adapt, change and thrive under pressure. If you have what it takes, we’ll give you experience and training that are second to none. Our unrivaled professional development programs will make sure you excel both technically and in necessary ‘soft’ skills.

As we work with a huge number of clients in Egypt and the Middle East, you can expect to work on projects and assignments that are both absorbing and stretching.

Headway Program

At Giza Systems, coaching is integrated into the way we work every day to support everyone’s ongoing technical and professional skills development. These principles, combined with mentoring, learning programs, and concrete on-the-job application of skills, will continue to strengthen our people’s experience and abilities throughout their career.

Stemming from this, Giza Systems launched Headway Program in September 2018. Headway is a six-month internship program targeting fresh university graduates. It aims to develop certain technical skills and competencies through sponsoring a number of technical, soft skills and on-the-job training to create a qualified pool of calibers ready to be not only hired but excel at an early stage of their career. The program content was designed around a combination of technical theoretical trainings, soft skills trainings, on-the-job trainings and actual assignments.

Upon conclusion of the six-month program period, trainees graduate with a presentation during a graduation ceremony, followed by a thorough assessment of their performance. Top performers are offered full time jobs at Giza Systems based on hiring needs and vacancies.

The main aim behind Headway Program is training and preparing fresh graduates to conquer their job search quest, and qualifying them to pursue the career they wish to build.

The Giza Systems Environment

Our priorities for accomplishing the goals of being a great place to work is to diversify our work force, retain and advance our people especially our top performers and improve our flexibility and work-life tools. To foster the behaviors that will enable us to achieve this goal, diversity and work-life activities are crucial. We believe an inclusive workplace enables us to take advantage of the talents of our diverse workforce, to improve the quality of our services and to grow our business. These priorities are fundamental to giving everyone the opportunity to succeed in achieving his or her personal and professional goals. It is also a business imperative tied to the company’s continued success and growth.

Fair and equal employment practices are inherent in this strategy. Affirmative action is a building block for these fair and equal employment practices. It is an integral component of our strategy for sustaining our overall business performance though enhanced regional market relationships, attracting and retaining the best talent and delivering the most innovative industry-focused solutions to our diverse client base.

We also believe that our people are more productive at work when they have the flexibility to successfully manage their lives outside work. Flexibility is an individual’s ability, over time, to meet the demand of their role and accomplish the things they identify as priorities outside the office. Our management goal is to create a flexible work environment where we can respond in the most active way to the demands of a client service business, while providing our management team and staff with control over their own quality of life.

Our Edge

As for the physical workplace environment, we are located in state-of-the-art premises in New Cairo. Since we are company that is committed to supporting the environment, we took a responsible decision to build our premises along the green building concept using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout the building’s life-cycle: from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance and renovation. Although new technologies are constantly being developed to complement current practices in creating greener structures, the common objective is that green buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment by:

• Efficiently using energy, water, and other resources
• Protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity
• Reducing waste and pollution

Our Work Environment Will

• Enable change – Aligning with the business unit visions of their rapidly changing future needs and taking account of the necessary transition from current conditions and work habits.
• Be effectively supported – With integrated supportive technology, office services and approved working protocols.
• Offer choice – An abundant range of shared work settings to be provided and maintained reflecting the range of tasks performed.

At Giza Systems, we recognize that our people are the key to sustaining the company’s record of quality service, and Giza Systems’ core workplace principles will:

• Stimulate and enthuse management team and staff – Stimulate creativity, innovation and encourage a sense of pride in the company.
• Encourage multi-purpose use and flexibility – workspace and work settings are designed and equipped to be inherently capable of alternative uses that offer greater flexibility and optimum utilization, which encourage the concept of choice.
• Maintain and develop Hoteling – Supported by an effective reservation and space management system to ensure optimum utilization of space and availability of the appropriate space when needed in the context of increased flexible working enabled by new and available technologies.
In addition, Giza Systems encourages shared team activities like:

• Sports Tournaments (football and volleyball league)
• Other leagues will follow soon!
• Staff Day Out: Through our ‘Staff Day Out’ event and our local intranet ‘Gizawi’, we recognize staff who have either been with the company for long years of service or have been top performers by giving them awards, certificates and gifts. These meetings are extremely important to every member at Giza Systems since they provide a platform for communication. In addition, they allow us to celebrate our success, recognize achievements and milestones and get to know each other better.

Learning Organization

Learning while working

The world-class development culture at Giza Systems is designed to empower your continuing learning. Coaching is integrated into the way we work every day to support your ongoing technical and professional skills development. These principles, combined with mentoring, learning programs, and concrete on-the-job application of skills, will continue to strengthen your experience and abilities throughout your career.

Learning from your team

Working at Giza Systems, you’ll work with and learn from some of the best. Your managers, team leaders, team members, and formal coaching will provide ongoing on-the-job instruction and guidance. In addition, a mentor will support your career path inside the company.

Learning from knowledge based tools and resources

Our intranet portal accommodates the need for sharing knowledge at Giza Systems. Everyone will have access to a wealth of critical knowledge through our intranet-based knowledge management tools and resources. You’ll have 24/7 access to knowledge repositories, best practice documentation, and methodology tools that will help you take advantage of the collective knowledge of Giza Systems’ professionals. All of this helps you stay informed on client and industry happenings, develop fresh viewpoint and practical opinion, and build strong relationships with your peers and clients.

Learning from clients

Every project that you work on offers a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn. Our culture is built on knowing our clients’ businesses inside and out. Through your daily project experience, learning opportunities, and use of knowledge tools and resources, you will further hone the critical skills you need to deliver real value to our clients and progress your career.

Furthering your education

Specialized support programs are also available for individuals seeking professional certifications and interested in furthering their education, including a generous educational support plan. This committed approach to expanding the existing skills and specialized knowledge of our people not only distinguishes us in the marketplace, it supports your professional growth and career progression.

Throughout your career at Giza Systems, expect to be challenged by the work and the people on your team, as well as the clients we serve. You will be constantly learning and your ideas will be welcomed in an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork. And through the exemplary learning opportunities and access to company knowledge base, you’ll be able to grow from your experiences and contribute to Giza Systems’ overall success.