Info Infrastructure


Understanding the ecologies of information infrastructures enables Giza Systems to handle the intricacies involved in the complex technologies, platforms, operating systems, telecommunications, applications and networks. 

The vital significance of deploying effective Information Infrastructure is to ensure reliability, flexibility, scalability, operational efficiency and optimal leverage design to be able to respond to the dynamic changes and needs of customers.

Information Infrastructures are dynamic, as they integrate the various heterogeneous networks and ensure the inter-operability of the various components to homogenize the environment for the provision of services and the achievement of business strategy.   

The Information Infrastructure Line of Business provides a variety of professional services ranging from integration to system management. The various services offered include data protection, security solutions, enterprise management, system administration, communication and networking infrastructure.

Giza Systems enjoys strategic partnerships with various leading vendors such as EMC, HP, Oracle, Cisco, Extreme, AVIAT, AVAYA, and Ericsson…