Enterprise Apps


The Enterprise Solutions Line of Business handles the implementation of business solutions for the management of customers, revenues, partners, assets and workforce. To maximize the benefit of IT systems implementation, Enterprise Solutions are also essential aspects for frameworks and platforms in terms of integration of IT systems, business process automation and management, data warehousing and business intelligence.

Customer Management Business solutions include sales and order management, customer information management, customer loyalty, complaints management and customer self-service. Customer analytics for campaign management, profiling and behavior prediction also fall under this category.

Revenue Management Business solutions entail charging, billing and collections, settlements, revenue assurance and fraud management.

Partner Management Business solutions involve partners’ agreements and contracts, partners’ accounts and partners’ interface management.

Enterprise Asset Management encompasses assets management, inventory management, workforce management and fleet management. These solutions integrate critical asset and maintenance data with a geospatial information system, allowing service providers and network operators to track and manage assets across expansive geographic areas.

Technology Enablers like data mining tools, business intelligence and data warehouses, enterprise service bus/middle ware for systems integration and business process management engines and GIS are promoted for better business management and to maximize the benefit of the IT systems employed.