Our Telecom team responds to the needs of telecom service providers by providing core applications to their operations, as well as applications to enhance and drive their business efficiencies.

We assist the different segments of service providers in optimizing internal efficiencies and fulfilling customer and business requirements. Anticipating the needs and the overall direction of the industry has enabled us to develop an optimized solutions portfolio to align with the needs of the different segments.

We cater to the following segments:

  • Business (Enterprise)
  • Personal
  • Home
  • Wholesale

We have strategically partnered with a number of top technology providers to ensure that our solutions are tailored to the needs of our customers, as well as enrich our offerings with flexibility and diversity.

Our extensive experience implementing projects in Egypt and the region has increased our market and industry understanding, strengthened our integration capabilities, and empowered our reputation.


The benefits of our turnkey solutions for operators and service providers include:

  • Addressing customer needs while complying with regulations
  • Providing revenue generating services
  • Improving profit margins
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Managing internal processes
  • Ensuring timely, accurate, and reliable service provisioning