Oil & Gas


As the Oil and Gas industry increasingly becomes immersed with data and operating complexities, smart technologies are required. These technologies can work with existing investments and future installations alike.

We provide Oil and Gas companies with integrated solutions that provide management and operators with the right tools and real-time data to optimize operations all across the phases of the process.

Giza Systems offers solutions that serve production, refining, transportation, distribution, and petrochemical operations, as well as regulatory operations necessary for optimum results.

Our comprehensive integrated solutions are designed to:

  • Optimize operations
  • Ensure full process automation
  • Substantially improve the production processes, while maintaining a permanently safe and cost effective environment

Amongst our solutions are Well-head Control Panels, Fire & Gas (F&G) Safety Systems, F&G System Detectors and Emergency Shut Down (ESD) Systems.

We also provide on-site professional services in this industry to implement the different solutions.