Corporate Citizen

Issues in Numbers

  • 12.5 million without shelter
  • 1,109 slum areas
  • 3 million street children 
  • 3.4 million unemployed 
  • 1 ambulance for every 35,000 (60% in Cairo)
  • 27.8% below poverty line (less than 1 USD/day)
  • Illiteracy: 14.5 million (9.3 of which are women)

Our Approach is Holistic

To effect change in our community and promote social welfare, adoption of CSR must be pervasive throughout the organization.

Embedding CSR in our corporate culture and incorporating it as part of our values enables us to bring about a real difference to our community.

Our belief in the success of CSR relies on:

  • Employees are main resource for success and sustainability of CSR activities
  • Commitment by top management
  • Integration of CSR in our corporate culture

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Our CSR targets:

  • Inspiring Change
  • Driving Innovation
  • Going Green

These targets include the following initiatives:

  • Education & Youth Initiatives
  • Healthcare Initiatives
  • Societal Initiatives
  • Environmental Initiatives