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Is Giza Systems For Me?

At Giza Systems we are organized around business units that serve certain industry verticals. In other words, Business Units are teams that work together with members that have expert knowledge pertaining to a certain business or industry such as Telecom, Manufacturing or Banking.


Diversity of Backgrounds

At Giza Systems, we believe in the diversity of backgrounds. It is not just a tagline, but we see it as an essential ingredient to success. With diversity of background, experience, and community comes various perspectives and world views. These world views enrich our community at Giza Systems, empower our teams and enable innovation.



Our concentrated efforts to work with our teams stem from a people-centric principle. The emphasis is the essential nature of enabling our teams to pursue professional and personal advancement in whichever roles they assume.

We encourage and support our people by working with them to build on their strengths, enable them to excel, enhance their leadership skills, and ensure that they are passionate about their roles and contribution within the company.


Career Paths

Giza Systems works with you to ensure your development and your growth within your career path. Our culture and practices are embedded in our processes to emphasize that Giza Systems is a learning organization that values its people and strives to create an environment focused on growth, learning and dedication to ensure the retention of its teams and attract the best calibers.



Based on our conviction that our people are our future, we work with our teams to inspire and motivate them to constantly strive for improvement through on the job training, diverse experiences and tasks, challenging projects, mentoring and coaching.

Learning how to tackle challenges, assume new roles and responsibilities, collaborate with various people enables our teams to become agile and dynamic, and integrate their various skills and life experiences for their development.

By empowering our teams and exposing them to various roles and diverse challenges, we believe that we are not only enhancing our core capacities, but also creating an environment in which exceptional people and leaders can thrive.