SDG 4 – Quality Education

SDG 4 strives for the establishment of inclusive and equitable quality education that promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all. This SDG also works on achieving a substantial increase in the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.


  • Fiber Optics Lab: Giza Systems Distribution (GSD), a subsidiary of Giza Systems, set-up a one-of-a-kind complete optical fiber lab at Future University to serve a generation of students. The lab is equipped with Fiber Fusion Splicer, OTDR, different light sources, laser, and discrete optical components. The lab allows students to simulate a huge amount of experiments in the field of optical communication giving them a better understanding of the basics of the field. They also learn the use of some of the field equipment necessary during the deployment of optical fiber cables in practical life.


  • Supply and Installation of Photovoltaic Lab at DMO, Fayyoum: GSD supplied and installed photovoltaic lab equipment along with batteries and data acquisition software. The lab enables students in technical schools to attain practical know-how and carry out their experiments in a safe and controlled environment. The lab enhances students’ practical applications and equips them with the skills needed for employment in more advanced labs.


  • Fab Lab New Cairo, Fab Lab on Wheels and Fab Labs in Egyptian Governorates: Giza Systems Education Foundation has extended tremendous efforts to ensure inclusive and quality education for all, particularly for those who are deprived from access to knowledge and information. The Foundation has launched Fab Lab New Cairo and Fab Lab on Wheels, along with Fab Lab Minya, Fab Lab Sohag, Fab Lab Beni Suef, Fab Lab Fayyoum, and Fab Lab Menoufiya, as educational projects to provide technical knowledge on digital fabrication. These projects aim to transfer technical know-how to the various communities in rural areas that very often lack the resources and means to quality education.