SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities

This goal aims to render cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. As rapid urbanization had set enormous challenges, including increased air pollution and inadequate infrastructure, cities are now more susceptible to disasters. Therefore, better urban planning and management are highly needed. The vision is geared towards cities of opportunities for all, with access to basic services, energy, housing, transportation and more.


  • Konza Technopolis Development Authority Lighting Controls System Project: Konza is currently being built as the future smart city of Kenya. By 2030, Konza will embody Kenya’s new vision for development and economic growth being the first smart city in Kenya. The lighting control system implemented in Konza Technology City employs the latest technologies in the Smart Building Management Systems, in terms of efficiency in resource management and power consumption. The integration of lighting control systems in various touristic, residential and business facilities in Konza will impact the amount of power generation that will be required to operate the city, resulting in savings in cost and lower carbon emissions.


  • Meliá Lodge Serengeti Project, Tanzania: Meliá Serengeti Lodge is the first state-of-the-art sustainable hotel ensconced in the heart of the Serengeti National Park, a natural heritage. The project consisting in the installation of fire alarm systems, gas detectors and fire suppression solutions demanded a fine balance to preserve the natural heritage and wildlife habitat of various species, while deploying cutting-edge solutions that deliver the highest safety and security.


  • Central SCADA System for the Power and Water Utility Company for Jubail and Yanbu, Marafiq, KSA Project: the system deployed connects 10 major sites in Jubail and Yanbu. The deployment of the system allows for the monitoring and improvement of site performance of Marafiq’s widespread water and wastewater sites in Jubail, using a variety of state-of-the-art security features. The project is essential to ensure the operational efficiency for the provision of services for the cities.


  • Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) in the Suez Canal: the project consists of sensors that measure and detect meteorological and hydrological changes in the Suez Canal. The coverage extends to around 190 km along the canal, with sensors installed every 10km. Each sensor transfers the data to the nearest of the 18 geographically located operation rooms. The data is then gathered and analyzed by the Vessel Traffic Management System installed in the central control room. All rooms and display monitors are connected by a state-of-the-art network integrating the most sophisticated equipment.


  • Installation of Fire Alarm System for the New Dar Al Fouad Hospital: the system is essential for it raises the safety levels for patients and personnel in one of the biggest hospitals in Egypt.


  • Implementation of Fire Alarm System at Al Choueifat Hotel: the system will ensure full automation, control of fire hazards, and full optimization of user experience through the supply of simplified interfaces. The system also promises to reduce operational costs and guarantee the safety and security of hotel occupants and assets.