Info Infrastructure


Information Infrastructure works on the optimization and collaboration of the technologies to ensure that they are deployed, used and adapted to the dynamic emerging needs of the business to leverage performance and provide customers with the requisite services.

Leveraging performance entails capacity utilization, performance improvement, power consumption and overall resource requirements to deploy services and cater to client needs in a competitive market.

With the need for integration of the heterogeneous technologies, businesses are seeking to eliminate redundant infrastructure components and complexity to enable lower Total Cost of Ownership, through the streamlining of operations and systems.

By establishing a solid information infrastructure and lowering TOC, businesses are able to align strategies for rapid market entry for new services and products. With the collaborative networks and platforms in place, this would allow for reliable and timely delivery of relevant information for better decision making and analytics to meet the emerging needs and deliver products and services.

A number of issues facing businesses and enterprises include:

  • Non-availability of customer data and risk of data loss
  • High cost of the infrastructure preparation and operation
  • The need to centralize separate computer rooms into a single Data Center to reduce operational expenses
  • The need of trusted communication infrastructure between different locations and networks
  • Network intrusions and attacks
  • Requirement of a smooth video or voice communication inside client’s premises
  • The need for easy communications between the company and its clients
  • The usually huge amount of customer data
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO)