Telecom OSS


With the increase in consumer demands, expectations and the need for transparency, telecom operators rely on OSS to ensure operational effectiveness and agility in their networks and communication platforms. 

OSS is a fundamental enabler for telcos to ensure seamless service provisioning, network and performance management; as well as enhance personalization bundles and offerings to their customers to meet the changing landscape of the telecom industry.

 By reinforcing OSS, telecom operators are able to:

  • Build and support high-quality telecommunications networks
  • Enhance communications through innovative products and services
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction with CSP offerings
  • Maximize revenues and minimize costs
  • Ensure that systems accommodate the rapid technological advances in  telecommunications
  • Monitor core networks and service performance to help in capacity planning
  • Manage network traffic and bandwidth utilization
  • Ensure fair usage and bandwidth distribution for users
  • Control bandwidth utilization per protocol
  • Add different policies and bandwidth control based on time and date policies
  • Allow for mobile network performance monitoring
  • Establish service quality measurements
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Track outlaws using IP technologies