Field Solutions


Giza Systems works with its clients to provide them with the highest standards for field solutions to meet their unique needs for optimal performance, reliability and accuracy.

Determining the right instrumentation  and optimal technique are key when dealing with process parameters to ensure proper monitoring and control.

To deliver optimal efficiencies and safety to our clients, we  select the method to be used for measuring the required process parameter, size of the measuring device, and use / purpose of the device, as well as handle any integration elements with existing systems.

Giza Systems’ holistic approach and in-depth expertise allow us to customize and deploy tailor-made solutions for process control efficiencies in a variety of industries to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

Thanks to our industry experts and know-how, we offer a comprehensive field solutions portfolio that fulfills our clients’ process control requirements, be they simple or complex in nature.

Giza Systems is an industry leader in this field and leverages its expertise to cater to a broad scope of industries by offering specialized state-of-the-art solutions that meet all of our clients needs.

Our offerings include: