Telecom OSS


  • Reducing operational costs through increased automation and optimized business processes.
  • Providing higher modularity and openness in solution architecture to allow for flexibility and the capitalization of new business opportunities.
  • Presenting a complete view of services and efficient use of resources and assets enabled by consolidated OSS solutions.
  • Simplified architecture with harmonized platforms, allowing OSS investments to become optimized while minimizing systems integration, maintenance and operational costs.
  • Assuring service performance through well-known or customized KPIs, which helps in full network surveillance and problem troubleshooting.
  • Building a robust capacity planning to notify the operation team or any oversubscribed or undersubscribed service.
  • Minimizing problem resolution time through efficient management systems integration.
  • Speeding up the service fulfillment process from order to activation.
  • Improving business process through advanced service analysis.
  • Implementing enforcement solutions that enable service providers to provide unprecedented levels of personalization, service optimization, network assurance, and rapid creation of business models to monetize their infrastructure investments.
  • Carrying out traffic management, fair usage and congestion management.
  • Providing time, application, or location-based services.
  • Accessing accurate, fine-grained visibility on network behavior in real-time.
  • Identifying improper user behavior and limiting the impact of network attacks.
  • Monitoring mobile network performance, providing reports containing the test results which indicate network performance status.
  • Measuring service quality, monitoring the Service QoS/SLA including roaming services.
  • Simulating customer experience to display customer transactions and give a complete and accurate picture of how customers experience the network.
  • Providing a lawful interception solution capable to capture and monitor user IP activities.
  • Providing a complete system that tracks illegal VoIP over IP networks, generates their corresponding IPDRs (IP Data Records), as well as providing an easy reporting tool for customers.

 Solutions Portfolio:

  1. Network Monitoring / Management
  2. Network Inventory
  3. Performance Management
  4. Telecoms Network Components (Probes, etc…)
  5. Lawful Interception
  6. Traffic Management
  7. Policy Management
  8. Number Management Solution (NMS)
  9. Service Provisioning/Activation
  10. Mediation