Industry Solutions

Our Telecom  team serves to fulfill the various needs of the telecom industry by providing services to fixed line operators, mobile operators, call centers, brokers and security agencies. By creating a complete integrated platform of solutions serving the different business, personal, home and wholesale segments, we are able to provide services to address the wide range of our customers’ needs and provide integrated systems that consist of end-to-end solutions.

Our solutions portfolio includes:

  • Telecom OSS solutions
  • Blling & customer care solutions
  • Monitoring security solutions
  • Asset management solutions
  • Information infrastructure solutions
  • Smart buildings solutions


Solutions Portfolio

Anticipating the needs and the overall direction of the industry has enabled us to develop an optimized solutions portfolio to align with the needs of the different segments. To cater to the diverse needs of our clients and to ensure the integration of the emerging technologies, our portfolio is geared towards providing solutions related to the following: