Industry Solutions

To support enterprises, Giza Systems offers integrated solutions that achieve process management, ensure faster process cycles, and allows for easy access to more accurate information. Giza Systems implements solutions for infrastructure, processing, communication and business application layers. Our solutions include:

Customer-Facing Solutions

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Computer Telephony Integration

Enterprise Management Solutions : Back Office

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Balanced Scorecards System
  • Content Management
  • Information Life-Cycle Management
  •  Service / Help Desk

Enterprise Management Solutions : Business Intelligence

  •  Data Warehousing
  •  Analytical Reports
  • Financial Analysis
  • Dash Boards

Enterprise Management Solutions : Infrastructure

  • Storage Systems
  •  Network Management Systems
  • Remote Desktop & Server Management
  • Fault Management System
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Business Continuity Solutions
  • Backup Solutions
  •  Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Management Solutions