Industry Solutions

With our utter dependency on transportation for all our needs, Giza Systems offers solutions to improve operational efficiencies, ensure security, and work towards the integration of systems for national infrastructures.

Our solutions portfolio includes:

  • Ramp Metering
  • Fare Collection
  • Traveler Information
  • AVM
  • Traffic Management
  • VMS
  • DMS
  • RTPI
  • WIM
  • Detection Sensors
  • ANPR
  • Parking Management
  • Tunnel Management
  • Bus Rapid Transit
  • Connected Vehicle
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Speed Enforcements
  • Railway Information Display
  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Control Centers
  • E&M Power Generator
  • Fire Fighting
  • Integration Services
Solutions Portfolio

To cater to the diverse needs of our clients, and to ensure the integration of the emerging technologies, our comprehensive solutions portfolio includes:

Ramp Metering Systems

Help prevent traffic jams on the freeway before they have a chance to form; these systems are ideal for traffic control covering limited areas.

Freeway Traffic Management

Combines advanced technology and Intelligent Transport Systems in providing Freeway Management Systems that facilitate safe and efficient operation of a regional freeway infrastructure. This approach helps in improving and controlling traffic flow, and provides advance information to motorists.

Traffic Management Applications

Such as VIP Routes, Environmental Monitoring and Preventive Routing, Effective Management of Events, Incident Detection and Response Management, Public Mobility Portal. Data provided by sensors and camera systems detecting incidents, accidents and wrong-way drivers, is automatically collected and interpreted by clever algorithms. Immediate action is then taken in the form of alerting control center operators; generating warnings for display; informing police authorities; generating traffic information; and initiating emergency services.

Variable Message Signs (VMS)

Provide motorists with advance notification of accidents, lane closure, road work, etc… helping in Lane Management and displays variable speed limits.

Electronic Tolling Solutions

Help in introducing road pricing in large urban areas or congestion charging in cities (City Tolling), a common toll system for freeways, roads and bridges (Single Lane Tolling) or a barrier-free toll system that is implemented on motorways or as nationwide system (Open Road Tolling).

Weight in Motion (WIM)

Including road-mounted sensors that capture information on vehicle axle loads, gross weight, speed and vehicle classification; it can be integrated into a truck weigh station to function as prescreening stage, helping in truck axle load limit enforcement.

Traffic Detection Solutions

These solutions include inductive loop; video; radar; passive infrared; ultrasound magnetic sensors; and sensors for environmental condition and pollution monitoring.

Tunnel Management System

Real-time Tunnel Traffic Monitoring and optimum incident/accident management, vehicle guidance in the tunnel, and providing advance notice to motorist on tunnel condition, speed and over-height limit enforcements. The system also provides prober lighting, lane illumination, ventilation, and emergency equipment inside the tunnel (emergency telephone, fire extinguishers, and illuminated exit directions.)

Over-height Vehicle Detection

This allows accident prevention by controlling entry of over height vehicles.

Emergency Roadside Telephone

Default dialing to the control center and emergency services.

Public Address & Background Music
Automatic Fare Collection

  • Field Elements(Ticket Vending Machines)
  • On-board Computers
  • Check-in Terminals
  • Fare boxes
  • Boarding/De-boarding Readers
  • Card Systems
  • Automatic Gates

Transit Management System

  • Onboard computer
  • Driver display unit
  • Integrated Bus Management System
  • Bus IP Radio
  • Real Time Reporting & Analytics


  • Eco-drive tracking:  real-time vehicle location, travel path, alerts and events visualization on map
  • Driver Behavior Scoring: benchmarking of driver behavior with Planned KPI vs actual, Fuel consumption and other parameters
  • Incident analytics – trip playback: Associating the entire trip recorded data to create a context of the events
  • Preventive Maintenance: Develop counters and triggers for key components for maintenance tasks

Passenger Information Systems

Smart Buildings Solutions

  • Video Surveillance
  • Video Analytics
  • Access Control & ID Verification
  • ALPR
  • Energy Management
  • Fire Alarm & Protection
  • Public Address & Background Music

IP Video Surveillance for Metro Application

  • Video Surveillance
  • Security System Center
  • Security Desk for Monitoring
  • Mobile Application
  • Video Analytics Software
  • Access Control, Gate Control & ID Verification
  • Automatic under Vehicle Inspection
  • Mobile solution
  • Operator Screen / Undercarriage Views
  • Gatekeeper’s ALPR camera
  • Building & Energy Management System
  • Fire Alarm Systems 
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Public Address and Background Music Systems
  • Audio / Visual Systems

Operational Voice & Emergency Telephony Systems

  • Call point electronics (VoIP, GSM)
  • Help Points, Emergency Phones & Call Stations
  • Gateways (e.g. VoIP-TETRA, VoIP-GSM)
  • NIS Rail, NIS Road