Oil & Gas

Industry Issues


The perpetual demand for energy combined with the limited supply of natural resources is forcing the Oil and Gas industry to reconsider how they do business. With fluctuating demand, limited supply, rising operation and production costs, environmental concerns, emergence of industry regulations, and compliance issues, the industry is becoming even more competitive.

Faced with one of the harshest and most competitive environments, Oil and Gas companies are required to generate a return on their investments and find new ways to cut costs. This means that they must operate within a context that ensures that their long term strategy accounts for the adoption of the highest standards of social responsibility and environmental stewardship, as well as enables them to adapt to the different challenges posed by the complex environment of the Oil and Gas industry.

The challenges of the Oil and Gas industry encompass economical, political, social, and environmental factors. Whether the challenges are internal or external to the company, the fact of the matter is that the sheer amount of variables necessitates streamlining of business operations to improve processes, develop more effective supply chains and promote efficient energy, reinforce aging infrastructure, enhance environmental standards, and manage their resources and assets.

Adapting to the complex environment translates into achieving internal, operational, and business efficiencies in order to focus on sustainable solutions that enhance profitability, increase controls, cut operational and compliance costs, and manage risks.

Driven by technology, geopolitics, and environmental and safety factors, the Oil and Gas industry is ready to leverage innovative and intelligent solutions that allow for scalability, sustainability, and integration with existing systems and applications.