Corporate Citizen

Inspiring Change

Activities relating to Inspiring Change at Giza Systems include:

Assisting Charities & NGOs :

  • By providing support services (e.g. marketing, IT, fundraising, etc.)
  • By collecting donations in kind & monetary
  • Holding Blood Donations Campaigns
  • Organizing Fundraises for Societal Issues
  • Mentoring Students and Sponsoring Student Activities
  • Helping Orphanages by:
    • Providing Internship Opportunities
    • Raising Awareness
  • Education & Youth Initiatives:  Giza Systems is involved in sponsoring student programs & activities  to:
    • develop students’ aptitudes
    • encourage their community involvement

Giza Systems has sponsored programs including: SIFE, STP, SCCI, Meca, AYB…

Giza Systems and its employees actively support Injaz (  by volunteering to teach life skills to students

Injaz page:

Concept a non-profit organization that seeks to educate and inspire young people to succeed in a global economy


    • Students between ages of 12-22 years old
    • School and Universities

Providing classes and workshops:

    • Life Skills
    • Environmental
    • Entrepreneurial