Corporate Citizen

Driving Innovation

Giza Systems established the Giza Systems Education Foundation to promote the employment of ICT in education. It is working closely with the NGO ‘Tawasol for Developing Istabl Antar’ to create a smart school and improve education at the ‘Khatawat School’ in Ezzbet KheirAllah.

Sponsoring Graduation Projects

Giza Systems is involved in sponsoring student programs to promote entrepreneurial thinking among college students, in addition to sponsoring graduate projects for the advancement of knowledge transfer.


Registered NGO under the Ministry of Solidarity


Building a learning community through use of ICT to:

  • Foster environment of knowledge
  • Improve education
  • Develop aptitudes


Incorporating ICT in education:

  • E-learning
  • Development of curricula
  • Mobile Technology
  • Podcasts
  • Portal for school
  • Portal for workshops